The National Museum of Military History has at its disposal a rich specialized library, comprising monographs, researches, bibliographies, periodical editions and albums, which are dedicated to heroic moments of our history.
In the Main fund of the museum is completed a literature about the military operations of the Bulgarian Army and the personalities which represent a momentum for them. There is a valuable referential literature about the participants in the military operations, the personnel, the awards and other materials, helping the grateful heirs to study their lineal history.
The Russian fund of the library consists of books, published between 1850 and 1970 in Peterburg and Moscow. The books comprise an information about the Russian campaigns on the Balkan Peninsula, the armaments of the Russian army, the Russian- Turkish wars, the military uniforms, the orders, the Russian government of Bulgaria, the fall of Pleven, etc.
In the library is preserved also a large number of French and German literature, published round 1900-1950. The books refer to important political and military events, dedicated to the Little Entente, Bulgaria after the Armistice of London, the minority question, the Jewish problem, etc.

Periodical editions Fund consists of specialized publications like: “Military-historical collection” magazine from 1929 to 1995; “Military magazine” with “The bulletin of the museum and of the Institute of military history” etc. The photo type edition of Constantinople journal from 1851 to 1859 calls forth interest.

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