The first volume of the Bulleting is released in 1973. It settles foundation for a number of periodicals, which materializes a long-standing necessity of expressing much better team's achievements in research sector. This allows popularization of museum's treasures linked to the long periods of fighting and revolutionary history of our nation.

NMMH Bulletins are intended for Bulgarian Army soldiers; they also enable historians and military experts exploring issues of warfare, to acquaint with the works of the museum scientists.

Bulletins are useful for the museums' employees too, as for the wide range of readers who study and promote the combatant and the revolutionary past of the Bulgarian people.

In recent times great interest to the Bulletin is shown by the students.

Besides studies of Military Heritage, Bulletin publishes also materials related to the museum's cultural educational work and regarding specific problems in the fields of funds handling, exhibiting and restoration works.

On Bulletin's pages take place also the opinions and reviews of publications on Military History topics, and articles of colleagues from Park Museum “VladislavVarnenchik” and the Naval Museum at Varna (affiliates of the National Museum of Military History) as well.

NMMH Bulletin is issued by the Publishing House of the Ministry of Defence “St. George the Conqueror” in Sofia.

The total number of the published NMMH Bulletins from 1973 to 2006 is 16 volumes.


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