The permanent exposition is displayed on an area of 2800 square meters and represents a chronological story about the history of the Bulgarian Army since the year 681 until now. There are presented aspects of the Bulgarian Army during the Middle Ages, the struggles for National Liberation, the Russo-Turkish war (1877-1878), the Serbo-Bulgarian war. The Balkan war (1912-1913) takes a key place; the brilliant victories of the Bulgarian army in this war win also recognition in the world military history. The participation of the armed forces in the World War I and II and in military missions of recent time is recreated in the exhibition halls as well.

The themes are presented with over 28 000 exhibits from the millionth fund of the museum.

Original elements in the exposition are reproductions and sound effects to the key places and the combination of exhibits and paintings by illustrious artists: Vl. Dimitrov-Maystora, Jaroslav Veshin, Dimitar Gyudzhenov, Anton Mitov, Boris Denev and others.

Virtual tour in the museum halls with 360-degree panoramic view


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