In the collection are presented: Bulgarian prototype of a plane on the model of “Blerio”, designed by G. Bojinov; diving front bomber Tu-2; transport plane Li-2; armored storm-trooper Il-2; front chaser Yak-9; chaser Yak-23; chaser Mig-19. Preserved are many aviation guns and equipment. The National Museum of Military History was a guest to the Museum of Military Aviation at the airport Krumovo, Plovdiv with its oldest planes. In 2002, the collection enriched with new exhibits - 3 helicopters, 4 planes, “Dvina” missile complex, etc. In 2007 the collection was supplied with one more interesting exhibit - self-propelled starting device – PU 2P24 (GM 123) , from the composition of ZRK “Krug” SA-4, together with a station for missile vectoring 1C 32 (GM 124). During 2011 the collection receives the first NATO airplane – multitasking chaser “Tornado” , and the newest exhibit is the chaser “Mig 21UM”.

The collection started its completion since the 30’s of 20th century.


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