Collection “Paintings, engraving, water-color, drawings, sculpture” is chronologically the first collection of the museum, which proudly competes with every National gallery with its great collections of painters like Vl. Dimitrov – the master, Yr. Weshin, B. Denev, D. Guidjenov, Ant. Mitov, Y. Banchev, S. Velkov, P. Morozov, Al. Mutafov St. Stamatov, Iv. Lazarov, N. Tanev and many others. The occasion for the realization is due to the organized every year exhibition in Berlin by the Academy of Arts, on which, in 1916, are invited Bulgarian painters as well. A theme , uniting all the exhibited works, is The World War. Participants are 25 Bulgarian painters presenting about250 works. The Bulgarian works which took part had been bought by the Ministry of War and became the first exponents of the museum, and the painters cast in their creative lot with it for a long time.


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