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March 31, 2014

Shots never shown before that have accumulated the feelings, emotions and the faces of the real participants in the events from the past ten years on Bulgaria’s way toward the Alliance, drew attention of the visitors. More than eighty photos helped them to touch to the politicians’, military men’s, diplomats’ efforts for our joining the Atlantic structures; to the hard path walked over by the Bulgarian army to build ability and compatibility – from participating in missions abroad, military and tactical drills up to the daily life. The exhibition is saturated of genuine personal feelings and emotions, impressed by the authors of the digital shots - themselves participants of the events. The feeling of the authenticity is supplemented by the documentaries of Venelin Petkov and Gabriela Naplatanova, kindly shared with us by bTV Media Group.

The photo-exhibition “NATO – mission is possible”, part of a decade, devoted to the 10-year-anniversary of the Bulgaria joining NATO, was officially opened by D-r Dobromir Totev, the Permanent Undersecretary of Defence. Solomon Passy, Foreign Minister of the government that finalized the Bulgarian efforts toward the Alliance, acknowledged the importance of the historical worth of the exhibition.

The opening was respected by the attendance of the Military Attaches of Vietnam, Greece, China, USA, Serbia and Ukraine.

The photo-exhibition “NATO – mission is possible” will stay open for visitor up to the end of May 2014.



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