On July 4, 2010, in the eve of 94th anniversary of the National Museum of Military History's establishment opened Museology Workshop.

Its main task - promoting self-education and self-development of museum professionals.

Participants - are the teammates of the National Museum of Military History.

Thematic orientation - traditions and innovation in the museum profession.

Methods - discussions (case study, role playing, situations), lectures, sharing best foreign practices.

The museology at the National Museum of Military History in 2013 focus its attention to research, opinions, estimates and summaries, closely related to the identification of patterns and technology, which turn museum into dynamic and challenging place not only for museum specialists, but also for its visitors. For such a purpose this year will be strengthen the professional cooperation with cultural institutions and individuals - as for opening and presentation of what is actual to our time, as to highlight and preserve what are the achievements of the Bulgarian museology thoughts.

In order to fully carry out its tasks, to the Museology Workshop are laid foundations of a specialized museology library and archive that are open for further development and enrichment, as for use by students and professionals from all over the country as well.


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